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Our Clarinets Inspire Dreamers to Do. 

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Make whatever you do best in life into a work of art.

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  • Concertpiece No. 18:15

Give the gift of music in 2016! 

Music changes lives and has the ability to fill you with hope, new ideas and peace. By investing in playing a musical instrument, you are investing

in not only your future, but into all of the lives you touch through the music you make. 

Did you know that Lisa's Clarinet Shop is still ranked #1 Midwest Dealer according to Buffet's Top 10 list? We simply deliver the best product and service at a great price.

Looking for a used instrument? We don't have everything we've got listed. Simply moves to fast to.

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If you love to play the clarinet, Lisa's Clarinet Shop is here to help you find the perfect new clarinet! We sell bass clarinets, Bbs, A's, Eb's, C's and D's!

When it comes to clarinet sales we are a trusted professional shop thousands have come to reply upon. So you have come to the right place and we are happy to meet you!

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